Episode 8

How To Build Rich MLS Vendor Partnerships w/ Casie Conlon, CEO of Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®


September 17th, 2021

20 mins 53 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Nikki Morgan, CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite sales executive and product expert, sits down with Casie Conlon, CEO of the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS®. The two go deep and get honest about the challenges, hard work and rewards that come when searching for new MLS vendors. Casie has explored and partnered with multiple MLS vendors during her career, including bridging needs across MLSs that have joined forces and entered into a data share.

Nikki and Casie take a trip back in time to revisit how MLSs have demoed and tested products over the years and managed a successful conversion experience. Casie offers insights to help make sure you don’t miss CE training opportunities, and how to create feedback processes to optimize vendor partnerships. Together, they explore how to find value in the communities you serve and customize your platform experiences across geographical regions.

Whether it’s asking the tough questions, demo’ing thoughtfully, or exploring unique styles of training, Casie delivers rich insights and advice.